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Tracy’s Birthday at Pojo’s

By BJ | June 28, 2007

June 14th was Tracy’s birthday, and our niece and nephew wanted to take her to Pojo’s, which is like Chucky Cheese’s with lots of games, bumper cars, arcades, etc. We had a blast, the bumper cars were super fun, especially once we figured out how to make them spin around so fast you got dizzy. We won lots of tickets so the kids got to get some cool prizes, I’m still holding out for the harley davidson leather jacket, I think you only need like a million tickets or something. Paul and I tried the Dance Dance Revolution game, nothing like a bunch a whiteys trying to play a dancing video game for entertainment. We had pizza at Flying Pie afterwards and then went to see Knocked Up, maybe the funniest movie I have seen in a long, long time. Disclaimer: If you are offended by liberal use of the f-word and and frank talk about sexuality, this may not be a good movie for you.

Baby Myles and Amber.


You know you guys look like idiots, right?

Michael’s got his hands full!


Little Michael having a blast.

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