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Nickle Pup the Dog

By BJ | August 27, 2007

Well, we have a new addition to our family. Sarah Nickle Pup lived with Tracy’s brother and his family for the last three years. Recently, they decided they wanted to get another dog for breeding, and Nickle Pup got fixed when she was a puppy. So they gave her to us, and now she’s probably wondering what happen to her cush life in Idaho.


“Things in Colorado are tough, they take me on hikes, make me hang out at cliffs, and the tall one is always trying to teach me stuff.” says Nickle Pup

“Still, I do like how I get to hang out with them, and they let me sleep on the bed sometimes!”

Nickle Pup climbed her first fourteen thousand foot peak yesterday, and seems hungry for more. There’s one thing that’s guaranteed, life wont be boring for Nickle Pup here in Colorado!

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