Wedding in Florida

By BJ | May 29, 2007

We spent last Thursday through Monday in Vero Beach, Florida at the wedding of a close family friend. All of us kids grew up together and the families have been close for years. After an early flight, we made it to Vero in the afternoon. It’s very chill, not touristy, more of a retirement community. No gaudy buildings or anything like that. My brother Jim and I went out in the waves and tried to surf a beach break, the waves were big, but I got one ride. Always fun to be in the ocean.

The weekend was packed with events, Thursday night we had a mellow dinner at the Lazaro’s house. Friday was a beach bbq in the evening. Saturday the wedding was in the afternoon, and then the reception at a nice club on the water. Good fun dancing, and the food was awesome too. Sunday morning was another beach bbq, laid back, everyone recovering from the wedding. Jim, Shannon. Tracy and I built a sick sand castle and then watched the waves take it out. Jim and I also went back out into the surf. I got the mauling of my life, caught on the lip of a breaking wave, just pummeled into the sand. Intense!

It was a great trip, lots of good time spent with the family and the Lazaros. Florida is fun, but it was good to get back to the mountains. We bouldered at Wolcott on the way home, nice way to get welcomed back to Colorado. The mountains are green and beautiful right now!

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Welcome to Our New Blog

By BJ | May 29, 2007

Check back often to see what we are up to. The big news right now is that we are off to Boise for June and July. Tracy has a class to finish and I’m going to see if there isn’t some stone worth developing that no one has touched up there yet. Should be fun, looking forward to seeing more of Idaho, especially the Sawtooths. Here we come!

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